Professional services

Managed Antivirus

You’re known by the company you keep which is why Techpro Global Group only works with quality brands in the IT sector. And when it comes to managed antivirus and content filtering, that has to be CloudCare.

We’ve been testing Fortinet, Sophos & Kaspersky products since June 2012 and you will not be disappointed with a very competitive pricing.

Antivirus Service

Enjoy peace-of-mind protection across all your computers, without worrying about individual software licenses. With Fortinet, Sophos & Kaspersky, you’re covered by the latest and best in anti-virus technology, supported by Techpro Global Group’s proactive management platform. We offer:

  • World-class endpoint security software
  • Online Shield
  • identity protection
  • Password protection
  • Firewall
  • Anti-rootkit
  • Automated remote updates and scans


Content Filtering Service

Do you have any idea how much money your business is losing each day as employees shop and use social networks during company time? You can increase your productivity with advanced, real-time content filtering, and block access to the websites that suck time and money from your business:

  • Fast, real-time content filtering
  • No hardware required or complex software set up
  • Simple white or blacklisting of websites
  • 11 predefined supergroups containing 60 categories of over 60 million websites, with thousands added daily
  • Instant reporting of content-filtering violations
  • Flexible time scheduling

Remote IT

Remote IT is a free tool that lets you remotely access and troubleshoot issues on end-user devices from anywhere. With Remote IT you can:

  • remote control PCs
  • transfer files
  • turn on sleeping machines

CloudCare also includes:

  • Remote, one-click installs and activations, eliminating the need for costly on-site visits.
  • Keyless licensing and easy-to-use preset policies that remove administrative hassles in managing accounts.
  • Real-time updates and automated upgrades for up-to-date protection and security.
  • Customizable reports that showcase the value of CloudCare.

If we didn’t think CloudCare was the best, we wouldn’t use it to protect our own systems.


Ask us a question about Managed Antivirus and the support we can offer your business, or send us your requirements to find out more.