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Wireless Local Area Networks

ICT Solutions is a leading specialist in wireless network design and implementation. Applying the latest technologies, our ‘four step’ system ensures your network will out-perform your every expectation and, most importantly, be completely reliable with 100% coverage guaranteed.


If any IT company suggests you don’t need an on-site physical survey for a new wireless network, our advice would be to walk away. It is, in fact, the most important thing to get right when designing a wi-fi system. You might have got away without a survey once, when networks were mainly designed for coverage, but now capacity is the name of the game, given the number of laptops, smart phones and tablet devices in use.

If you do not first perform an on-site survey of radio frequencies (RF) then the coverage and capacity of your network will be a guess, at best. At ICT Solutions, we don’t guess. Instead we use the latest industry tools and techniques to map out the RF coverage and capacity of your intended area and provide you with detailed documentation on all aspects of the survey.


The survey is followed by a wireless design which will take into account the following issues:

  • Coverage – is coverage provided where it is needed?
  • Capacity – is there enough capacity to handle the number of users?
  • Security – does the design allow for flexible security policies?
  • Redundancy – is the design clever enough to be fully resilient?

Most importantly, any design must consider both your existing network and your future demands. Our design will be scalable for the future. An absolute must.


Our experienced engineers will work with you to install your wireless network with little or no disruption to your business. Our aim always is to avoid any network downtime or reductions in your productivity during installation.

We can perform on the job training for wireless network users and dedicated training for network engineers, empowering them to reliably manage your wireless network when we have completed our work.


When the network has been installed we perform a final site survey, something that is often not considered until problems crop up weeks or months later. At ICT Solutions we cannot understand this. If we don’t test the system before handover, how can we know it is providing the coverage and capacity it was originally designed for?

This is all part of our focus on providing completely reliable Wi-Fi. We do this because that’s what people need and expect, not just because it’s good for business. Which by the way it is, of course, both yours and ours.  And that never hurts.


Ask us a question about Wireless Network Solutions and the support we can offer your business, or send us your requirements to find out more